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Designing the Float Mug

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As with all product design projects, development of our first ceramic piece took far longer than we hoped it would.

We began designing the mug at the beginning of 2018 as part of a larger tableware collection. As things progressed through designing the collection, we realized we would have to start a little bit smaller. So, we dropped the other items and focused our energy on perfecting the mug.

The design and prototyping phase quickly led to quoting at production facilities around the world, including the US, Japan, and Thailand. We settled on our Thai partner, Crown Ceramics Ltd., as they have been vetted as a high-quality factory that takes care of their workers and the environment. They were also very willing to work with a little startup like ours with ambitions to grow together over time!

The next step was pre-production sampling at the factory, where they take our technical drawings of the mug design along with Kate’s illustrations for the outside pattern and create the first porcelain prototypes. The initial samples were extremely close to our vision, which is super rare in our experience, so only minor tweaks were needed before going to full production.

Of course, we ran into some issues with color reproduction of the illustrated patterns, so production was delayed for a month or more while the printer worked through that issue. Then it was just a few short/long months while mugs were produced and shipped across the ocean to the US.

Almost a year and a half of work and love went into these mugs, so we really hope you’ll love them as much as we do!