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Aeropress in the Float Mug


Aeropress is something we usually make while traveling because the mechanism is relatively small and very easy to use in small spaces. It's also pretty fool-proof, which is great for tired mornings in unfamiliar places, when you just want a good cup of coffee.


  • Start with a good-quality bag of coffee beans and grind your coffee on a fine setting, similar to drip coffee.

  • Boil water to between 175-190°F. If your kettle doesn’t measure temperature, just bring the water to a boil and let sit for a minute or two before using it in the Aeropress.
  • Assemble your AeroPress with a paper filter inside the cap and place it on top of a mug. Pour a small amount of warm water (or your boiled water if you’re careful) inside to wet the filter. This water helps the filter stay in place inside the plastic cap while brewing.

  • Place the funnel on top of the Aeropress and pour in the coffee—or, if you’re a risk taker, pour the ground coffee in without a funnel and hope you don’t spill it everywhere!

  • With the Aeropress on top of your mug, fill it with water up to the fill line. Stir the mixture briefly with a spoon or the Aeropress paddle.

  • Insert the Aeropress plunger and press down until you hear a long hiss—the hiss means all the water is gone and your coffee is ready.

We like to add some coconut milk to our Aeropress coffee (and to our cold brew, and our everything-brew…), and we recommend the Aroy-D brand you can find at most Asian markets.